Our latest video, created by Amanda Kowalski, features footage from a three day Creativity Workshop residency at Applewild School in Fitchburg, Ma.

Another Promotional Video, produced by Amanda Kowalski, is a great introduction to the in Ears n’ Eyes concept.

in Ears n Eyes is an audio visual collaboration. These videos will give you a feel for some of the many approaches to communication between the two mediums that we have explored. They should also give you a feel for the enormity of approaches yet to be explored!

One of the exciting things one comes away from an IENE performance with is all the possibilities this type of collaboration & communication present. This is true of all the performers that have been involved. It is also true of the audience. I have spoken to so many people directly after an IENE event, or days or even weeks after, that have been filled with inspiration. It could be that they are “hearing” the music more when they have a visual reference. It could be that they “see” the connection between the music and the visual art. Whatever it is, SOMETHING has connected with them and the entire process; composing or improvising the music; communication between Roger and the musicians; the explanation of the intent behind the music, and they have been drawn into the total experience.

Matt & Rog at TEDx Piscataqua River 2014:


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