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In Ears 'n Eyes at the Dance Hall Kittery 6/4

Live In Ears ‘n Eyes at the Dance Hall Kittery 6/4











In Ears ‘n Eyes returns to the Dance Hall Kittery for a rare live performance on June 4th at 7:30 PM!
This promises to be an incredible night! Tickets are not available yet but check back soon or join the email list so we can get in touch when they’re ready!


Previous Performances have included:

In Ears n' Eyes at Neoteric's Caffeine and Choreography 3/29/15

Roger Goldenberg and Matt Langley participated in Neoteric’s Caffeine & Choreography on Sunday, March 29th . For Neoteric’s upcoming events: Go Here!


Some video captured by Drika Overton at the 11/22/14 show at the Dance Hall in Kittery, Maine.

In Ears ‘n’ Eyes Press Release

What: In Ears ‘n’ Eyes: A live improvised jazz session of visual jazz painting, original jazz music, contemporary improvisational dance, silent art auction and raffle. Wowee!

Who:  Visual Jazz Painter Roger Goldenberg

Who: Matt Langley, saxophones; Taylor O’Donnell, vocals; Chris Klaxton and Zach Lange, trumpets; Jonny Peiffer, keyboard; Eric Von Oeyen, drums; Nick Mainella, saxophone; Scott Kiefner, bass.

Who: Neoteric Dance Collaborative: Neoteric Dance Collaborative: Sarah Duclos, Jess Soucy, Kim Robinson and Rhiannon Duke, dance

Where:  The Dance Hall, 7 Walker Street Kittery, ME

When:  Saturday, November 22, 2014, 7 to 10pm

In Ears ‘n’ Eyes is proud to announce that it will be performing at the Dance Hall in Kittery, ME on November 22, 2014 at 7:00pm. In Ears ‘n’ Eyes (IENE) is no stranger to the Dance Hall and you shouldn’t be either! The IENE fall performances at the Dance Hall are becoming an annual event. This organization is an ongoing experiment in multi-genre jazz collaboration by artists at the top of their field. You will rarely see this much talent performing in the same room. In Ears ‘n’ Eyes will be premiering new compositions by thier personnel and will feature for the first time, contemporary improvisational dance by Neoteric Dance Collaborative. The silent auction and raffle of Roger Goldenberg’s visual jazz created that night has also become an attraction and is now an anticipated tradition.

Folks unfamiliar with in Ears ‘n’ Eyes or have never been to a performance are in for a treat. Warren Seelig, renowned artist, art writer and educator, recently saw a concise version of IENE at the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts’ Arts In Education Conference. After the In Ears ‘n’ Eyes performance his enthusiasm for the spectacle could be seen in the sparkle of his eyes while he exclaimed, “Roger, I was truly impressed by the performance’s authenticity! You were all conversing with each other and your movements in paint were in direct response with what was going on musically. It was impressive!”

The IENE performance is intended for all ages  and runs from 7-10pm, with a 15-20 minute intermission for people to stretch and get refreshments. A raffle and silent auction will be held. The paintings created at the event will be sold by silent auction beginning at intermission and concluding at the end of the performance. One painting will be sold by raffle.

Background Notes:

What is In Ears ‘n’ Eyes? The In Ears ‘N’ Eyes collaboration was the invention of Matt Langley and Roger Goldenberg. Goldenberg is known for his vivacious colorful abstract paintings on irregular shaped canvases that have come to be understood as visual jazz; Langley for his multidimensional saxophonism. Matt is a nationally traveled and recorded musician who is sought after to add virtuosic (hot) sauce to the work of international recording artists Charlie Kolhase, Pandelis Karayorgis and Curtis Clark. Goldenberg’s painted shapes, colors, gestures and rhythms speak the same language as Langley’s. These two artist-friends theories agree: All colors go together, all sounds go together, no wrong notes, no wrong colors, just the requisite expert weave of right placement, correct amounts and of course, the fun had in making great art happen. This common ground and their friendship was the basis upon which the In Ears ‘N’ Eyes concept was built. IENE is now a rigorous family that boasts the intellectual and artistic drive of Chris Klaxton, Taylor O’Donnell, Jonny Peiffer and Scott Kiefner and many more. This season musician-composer Jonny Peiffer incorporated a new component in our multi-genre jazz collaboration experiment to include contemporary improvisational dance of Sarah Duclos’ Neoteric Dance Collaborative.

Who and What is Neoteric? Sarah Duclos founded Neoteric Dance Collaborative, (\ne’o*ter’ic\ n. one of modern times) in 2004 while a student at the University of New Hampshire. Her project’s the goal was to encourage the artistic development of new choreographers and young, pre-professional dancers by providing a laboratory environment that was conducive to collaboration and creativity.

In 2009 Neoteric Dance Collaborative (NDC) expanded from their home base in New Hampshire into the metro Boston area. This transition marked a time of creative growth. The company debuted three new short works and appeared in four festivals: Dance Rochester (NH), Dance for World Community Festival (Boston, MA), IndepenDance (City Center Studios, NYC, NY) and Maine State Ballet’s Choreography Showcase (Portland, ME).

Currently the mission of Neoteric Dance Collaborative is to support a future for dance in New England by creating and presenting new works by New England-based dance artists and to engage the community through outreach and educational programs. Today NDC continues to be active within the New England dance community and beyond.


IENE Collaborative Work

A collaborative work created by attendees at NH Council on the Arts 2014 Conference

Student Artwork from an IENE Workshop at Portsmouth Middle School

Student Artwork, from an IENE Workshop at Portsmouth Middle School, on display at the Seacoast African American Cultural Center in Portsmouth, NH

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