Fee support for in Ears ‘n Eyes may be available to nonprofit organizations through the New England States Touring (NEST) program of the New England Foundation for the Arts. Visit for more information.

Posters & Web Art for upcoming (6/4/16) Dance Hall Show

06/4/16 Poster Tumbnail


8.5 x 11″ Color Poster

11 x 17″ Color Poster

960 x 500px web banner




Download the latest marketing materials for in Ears ‘n Eyes workshops here:


One page flyer describing the in Ears ‘n Eyes workshop concept. Aimed at teachers

Hi-Res version for printing, etc.

Lo-res version of the flyer





Postcard version of the one pager.

Front Side of the postcard (Hi-res)

Front Side of the postcard (Lo-res.)





Back Side of the postcard (Hi-res.)

Back Side of the postcard (Lo-res.)

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