Taylor O’Donnell shares her thoughts

In Ear 'n Eyes Creativity Workshop at Applewild School

Taylor O’Donnell, Scott Keifner and Jonny Peiffer work out a composition with the 4th grade recorder players.

Taylor O’Donnell works on a composition with the 4th grade recorder players at Applewild School. During this Creativity Workshop we worked with every class, 4th-8th grade, two times each. We explore the communication between painting and music using terms and concepts that both art forms share. At Applewild School we worked within the context of the Harlem Renaissance culminating in a performance in the cafeteria featuring artwork created throughout the residency in addition to food of the Harlem Renaissance era, dance, spoken word and faculty performances with In Ears ‘n Eyes artists. This Creativity Workshop was truly a celebration with and of the entire Applewild School Community.

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