In Ears ‘n Eyes Jam – Amanda, Chris, Taylor & Frank!

In Ear 'n Eyes at Applewild School

A brief jam between classes with Amanda Kowalski on Bass, Chris Klaxton on Drums, Taylor O’Donnell on Keys & Vocals and Frank Bonnano on Saxophone

Our visit to Applewild School kept up busy for two and a half days pretty much nonstop. That didn’t us from jamming between classes here and there! This one sprang up when Amanda picked up Scott’s bass, Chris was already on the drums playing with Taylor at the keyboard and then Taylor launched into a tune she and Amanda knew (I think) and things progressed from there. When they finished, everyone’s reaction was the same, “PLAY MORE!”. The photo is a little blurry but it’s definitely a keeper. Just one look a Taylor’s smile pretty much sums up the moment!

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